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You can plan on your monthly cost to accept credit cards to be between $23.00 to $99.00 per month on average. This average depends on how much your business grows in the first six months as a merchant as well as your average sale amount and monthly totals.

When you process a credit card sale, the agent bank charges certain fees. The first fee applied to your sale is a discount rate. Discount rates start at 1.30% and go up. for a merchant operating out of their home their rates start at 2.30% up to 3.95%, depending on their product. A product’s rate is determined by a high-risk grading schedule designed by the agent bank that is processing your credit card transaction.

The second fee is known as a ‘transaction fee’. This is a small fee that is applied each time you do a credit card transaction. These fees can range from zero cents to thirty-five cents. The average out-of-home business is charged twenty-five cents.

You will be charged a monthly statement fee of ten dollars. This fee is charged each month regardless of your activity. This ten dollar fee has been factored into the previous monthly cost estimates of twenty-three to ninety-nine dollars a month on average.

You will also be set up with a minimal ‘monthly minimum’ charge. This fee is washed out as soon as you reach approximately $389.00 in transaction volume each month.

USBA can help you find the rates and processing that best suits the needs of your business. For more information call us Toll-Free at 1-888-774-8722 or take a minute to fill out our Online Request Form.

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