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Right now, our hardware recommendation is the Hypercom T7P point of sale terminal. This unit is a terminal and printer in one, and comes with a five year factory warranty. It is nonproprietary and is certified to function with 80% of all merchant processing companies.

The HypercomT7P processes transactions up to five times faster than other terminals, and can be easily upgraded to accept all ATM/Debit and Smart Cards.

A processing terminal communicates through your phone line with the National Authorization Center computer, and they tell each other whether or not your customer’s card is acceptable. Once you receive an approval, your T7P will print out a receipt to confirm the sale with you. The sales you process are stored in the terminal. At the end of each day, your terminal will call out to the processing bank and close your batch of transactions and electronically deposit your money into your business checking account. This deposit process takes forty-eight hours to complete, not counting weekends or holidays.

USBA can help you find the equipment or software that best suits the needs of your business. For more information call us Toll-Free at 1-888-774-8722 or take a minute to fill out our Online Request Form.

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