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What if I have bad credit, or no credit?

At USBA, we specialize in merchants like yourself. We have several alternative methods of qualifying the high-risk merchant to approval status.

I’ve been told I’m “high-risk”. What does that mean?

Generally speaking, a “high-risk” merchant is merely one that will take credit cards for mail order and telephone order business, and/or hand-enters their transactions. In most cases, this involves situations where the credit card is not present, and you are unable to actually “swipe” the card through your processing terminal. The reason most banks consider this ‘risky’ is the higher chance that the card may be stolen. They don’t want to risk the possibility of excessive charge-backs. At USBA, we understand the importance of accepting different types of transactions for a business that is operated from your own home. We have the plan that will fulfill your every merchant need!

What if I already have equipment? Can I use my own? What are the benefits of upgrading?

Chances are, if you’ve been in business for some time, you probably have one of the older credit card terminals. The newest system that we offer, the Hypercom T7P, has many advantages over the older machines, in that it is much faster, easier to use, and comes with a five-year factory warranty. It is AVS ready, and is also compatible with ATM pin pads, Debit Cards, and the upcoming Smart Cards, and won’t give you any trouble with credit cards having an expiration date of or beyond the year 2000, unlike the older units. To keep your business working at its optimum level, you need to have processing equipment on the cutting edge of technology. If, however, circumstances prevent you from upgrading at this time, you may continue to use your old equipment, and still receive the lowest discount rate available for your processing needs.

What is “AVS”?

Address Verification is a unique program introduced to aid a merchant in verifying a cardholder’s address with a single keystroke function. This drastically reduces the chances of stolen card activity at your business.

I’m already set up, but I’m dissatisfied with my processor. What can USBA offer me?

United States Bankcard Associates has established relationships with multiple processors, and is able to offer the lowest discount rates around. We offer a low monthly statement fee, and low transaction costs, with a very low monthly minimum. The process is simple: we send you an application for you to complete and return to us for processing.

What is the difference between “swiped” and “hand-entered”, and why are the discount rates different?

A “swiped” transaction occurs when the credit card and card holder are present at the time of your sale – these transactions are less “risky” because you can verify a signature, and the card is present and read by your terminal. A “hand-entered” transaction takes place when you physically type the sale information into your processing machine. Since these transactions are usually done over the phone, or through mail or fax, the chance that the card may not have been authorized by the card holder for the sale is slightly higher. This is where AVS (address verification) can benefit and protect your business.

How can I get extra features like Debit Cards, Smart Cards, or Address Verification?

USBA can set you up to accept all the most current methods of cash or electronic sale transference. It’s as simple as completing the documentation required for each program you desire. We can help you find the equipment and processor that best suits the needs of your business. For more information call us Toll-Free at 1-888-774-8722 or take a minute to fill out our Online Request Form.

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